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Enhance patient journeys by combining Cured’s digital marketing with Sandy Alexander’s direct mail


Expand your digital marketing initiatives with our new direct mail capabilities to reach more patients. We are excited to announce our partnership with Sandy Alexander, the HIPAA-compliant print and direct mail marketing leader. Integrating direct mail into Cured’s platform capabilities allows healthcare marketers to reach populations with limited digital access, collect first-party data, and capture patient interest. Sending the right message at the right time in the right channel leads to new growth and higher patient engagement. We are thrilled to have found the right partner in Sandy Alexander to enable print and direct mail channels.

We ensure our customers’ data remains protected with the highest security and compliance standards. In one click, securely export your audience data for direct mail use. Leveraging Cured’s audience-building functionality and contact data allows you to personalize your outreach, like adding the recipient’s first name or changing an image based on gender or location.

Combining our industry-leading digital marketing platform with Sandy Alexander’s leadership in direct mail gives our customers access to holistic patient journeys that drive more revenue for healthcare organizations and better outcomes for patients. Sandy Alexander has extensive experience working with the compliance standards of healthcare customers in the payer and provider segments and has a proven track record of consistently delivering a differentiated, high-quality print and direct mail product.


In practice, we often recommend a Curation that notifies new residents about your primary care offerings in their area. This Curation aims to convert new residents into loyal patients by establishing care with a primary physician at a local facility. To start, you build a geography-based audience by targeting new residents within a 10-mile radius of one of your primary care facilities. The Curation begins by sending a direct mail flier pointing the resident to clinics close by to claim a welcome gift (first aid kit) and schedule an initial visit. In doing so, we point the prospective patient toward a form fill that captures their relevant contact information for future engagement through digital channels. Then the direct mail flier is followed-up with a two-email series to drive engagement with your healthcare organization. This Curation fosters an awareness of your healthcare organization amongst new movers and leads new residents to become patients within your system. The patient journey doesn’t stop there. The first visit is just the beginning of the provider-patient relationship.


About Sandy Alexander 

Sandy Alexander, Inc. is one of the largest high-end commercial graphic communications companies in the nation, serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies and other enterprises from coast to coast. Sandy Alexander’s broad array of services include digital solutions, sheetfed and web printing with in-line finishing/personalization, wide and grand format, and printing for retail visual merchandising. Sandy Alexander provides impactful and efficient printing for any campaign regardless of substrate, size, or quantity. Sandy Alexander is a leader in protecting the environment with dedication to wind energy, SGP certification, and tri-certification for chain-of-custody sustainability paper. For more information, visit: