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Ingenuity that improves performance

Sandy Alexander offers you a broad selection of stand-alone solutions for integrating digital technology, simplifying creative production, managing your campaigns and engaging more customers.

MailPath: The Application for Salesforce Journey Builder

If you use Journey Builder to trigger your digital communications, MailPath seamlessly integrates your direct mail programs into your digital platform to make mailing print communications as easy as sending an email.

3D rendered laptop displaying Sandy Alexander's Mail Path.
3D rendered laptop displaying Sandy Alexander's dinetec.

Dinetec: Intelligent Tech for the Restaurant Industry

The right recipe of design, data and digital engineering can positively impact the profitability of any restaurant enterprise. Dinetec provides guest-facing technologies, data management, menu services and ADA compliance, as well as mobile and intelligent Wi-Fi integration.


POP360: Our On-Demand Solution for Point-of-Purchase

Do you operate hundreds or thousands of retail stores, restaurants or other brick-and-mortar locations? POP360 streamlines data and asset management to eliminate chaos, create beautiful print communications and provide accurate distribution for every campaign.

3D rendered laptop displaying Sandy Alexander's scheduling tech tools.

Other Solutions

Sandy Alexander's commercial tech tools available online.


Leverage our online client storefront for on-demand ordering and delivery of your marketing collateral and personalized communications.

Coding image for Sandy Alexander's tech tools.

Custom API

Execute secure, real-time data transfers between your CRM or operating systems and Sandy Alexander to trigger data-driven direct mail campaigns.

Sandy Alexander's tech and print tools.


Create an immersive brand experience by incorporating QR codes and augmented reality technology in your direct mail and digital marketing.


If you have an idea, we have a way to bring it to life