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It was a magical evening at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando with networking, drinks, entertainment, and dinner plus a glimpse into the future of marketing technologies and leadership insights.

Sponsored by Sandy Alexander, attendees heard Michael Priem, CEO of Modern Impact, discuss maintaining the human element in a digital world and how to mix digital and traditional tools to build on brand performance. Michael believes today’s consumers may cast a vote for or against your brand based on what your brand stands for.

Francis McMahon, EVP for Canon Solutions USA shared his insight on the real purpose of leadership, citing “leadership is a frame of mind”. He believes, as a leader, his only job is to inspire, influence and provide a “can-do” perspective. Click here to view Francis’ “10 Points of Inspiration”.

Keren Yakolev Zur, VP Head of Product, Strategy & Business Development for HP Indigo, joined us in Orlando from Tel Aviv, Israel. Keren shared how brands like Coca-Cola, Tasty and others have taken advantage of the way digital platforms are changing demands and markets and are finding creative ways of incorporating more personalized print communications into this digital world.

The evening concluded with peer networking over drinks specially created for the event and dinner complimented with memorable entertainment. Magician Matthew Holtzclaw revealed that anything is possible and Jesus Ayala, an integral violinist, filled the air with beautiful music fused from various genres.

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