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Trek Bicycle

Retail Brick & Mortar Partnership


In 2020, we were able to help Trek Bicycle plan a series of new store openings and retrofits at a national scale. Our Retail Visual Merchandising (RVM) and Visual Experience (VE) divisions teamed up with Trek’s Environmental Retail Design team to understand their footprint and desire to use several green alternative substrates in their planned rollout. Being a part of the conversation from the beginning, we were able to offer prototypes – specifically a unique wood solution – that met Trek’s standards when it came to the environmental retail graphics they required. Now, we are pleased to announce our ongoing partnership with Trek for future projects.

You can download the PDF with more information about the environmental graphics solutions we provided for Trek Bicycle. To further discuss or learn more about implementing similar solutions in your space, please contact Gene Palecco at or reach out to your Sandy Alexander sales representative.

Download the full case study PDF here.