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Like many of our partners pushing the boundaries of creative expression, our main goal is to create something memorable; something with impact. Nothing in print is more impactful than color. It shapes a printed piece, speaks to the consumer, and evokes emotion.

Color can portray your brand, your message, and often can speak to a consumer louder than the words that accompany it. Brands and campaigns can be given life with the right touch and the right choices in color, but most importantly, the right production of that color.

We’ve said it before – color is the key to branding.

Luckily, at Sandy Alexander we have the capable hands of the most profound color scientists in the industry, so well versed in color management that members of our team worked on the “Manhattan Project” that helped to create G7 certification in print. They work diligently to give that color “zing” and to consistently reproduce that color across various mediums and platforms your campaigns utilize.

They have tested our ability to print over several hundred substrates, not just paper, working in tandem with our cross-platform trained production coordinators to replicate your brand’s hard-earned image. Our leading color management position allows us to leverage our experience on metal, fabric, vinyl, window clings, and a variety of environmentally responsible materials used in brand rollouts. Our digital artists have honed their skills in image manipulation and technical retouching to form one of the most experienced teams in color profiling. What we print, they match on the screen; creating total brand consistency on any campaign no matter which medium is requested.

Artist Paul Gauguin once said, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.”

Our dream is to maximize the color in the world of print so we may speak to everyone that touches our work.

For more information about premier color management with Sandy Alexander, please contact Gene Palecco at or call our main line at 973-470-8100.