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Our inclusion in the production of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly 16 fills us with pride & excitement, but perhaps not for the same reasons most of you who await its arrival every few months. Our enjoyment isn’t the opening of the newest edition or the reading of the text; it’s not the content, but like all marketers, it’s the challenge and creation of the finished product.

For us…

It’s the folding, not the folds.
It’s the cutting, not the cuts.
It’s putting the ink on that paper, not admiring it.

Chris & Caleb begin with a vision. They & their teams map out what so many of you love. They aspire to give you thought provoking & moving art that is tangible, and relevant to you. They design and curate with a hunger to explore the labyrinth of print…we simply help them navigate and execute at the highest level.

Sandy Alexander's Mohawk Maker commercial printing image.
Sandy Alexander's Mohawk Maker image.

To align ourselves with some of the best creatives, it is a pleasure (and a thrill) for Sandy Alexander to produce the Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue #16: Community. Like Chris, Caleb, & their teams suggest, we’ve reflected on & explored our Place within the creative community. Our Voice. What Time means to us. Upon this reflection we enter 2020 aiming to impact those we partner with the same way we worked with Chris, Mohawk, Caleb, & Hybrid Design…

  • By giving them a Place to experiment with their ideas…
  • By helping them share their Voice
  • By helping their ideas stand the test of Time

Get your copy of  “Community” here.

We at Sandy Alexander wish you a happy New Year and look forward to our community’s success in 2020. If you’d like to explore our world of graphic communications, please contact Gene Palecco at or call our main line at 973-470-8100.