In 2020, our partners at Trek Bicycle realized an increase in demand for their product – bicycles. While most brands pivoted to selling through online platforms, Trek saw a different opportunity. They turned their focus to sales in brick and mortar stores because of the product’s need for constant servicing in various regions and locations across the country. The issue they faced was opening more of these locations and keeping brand consistency on a national level. Trek needed a vendor who could do large scale projects and installs simultaneously. Additionally, they required their brand standard be maintained while using green materials, which needed to pass the scrutiny of all Trek team members.


We offered our consultation services on different and various substrates, guiding them from concept creation to installation. Our teams prototyped new materials such as a wood solution unique to only this project and tested in-store before the rollouts. We were able to understand their footprint due to our consultative meetings and identified several green alternative substrates that all members of their team were able to support. To solve the need of continuity across all platforms – from store to store – we were able to mimic the same basic feel as a blueprint for each location, with the allowance of local stories to personalize each store to its immediate community.


Trek is a bicycle and cycling manufacturer and retailer. Trek partnered with Sandy Alexander when they decided to pivot their selling strategy from online to brick and mortar store locations.


Sandy Alexander's dissected drop logo.


Sandy Alexander is now Trek’s primary vendor for new openings and retrofits. When Trek goes to design future stores, we will be right there from the start as consultative partners continuing to help Trek’s Environmental Retail Design team succeed.


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