Oceania had the goal of completely rethinking their historical design of their Cruise Vacation Guides (CVG). Historically, this had been a single saddle stitched booklet with an approximate 80K annual quantity of kits delivered. The objective was to create multiple touch points with the guest and make the initial contact much sooner to decrease cancellations of bookings. They also wanted to incorporate a digital platform to engage in real-time with their guests. Of course, they also needed to stay within their current budget.


Personalized Multi-Part “Kit”
We designed a multi-part “kit” personalized to the guests. The first kit would deliver within 60 days of the guest booking. And the last deliverable 30 days before departure.
Elevated the Guest Experience
We elevated the guest experience using a personalized pocket folder, personalized luggage tags, keeping the highly personalized CVG with all of their specific cruise details, and a letter from the CEO.
Digital Landing Page
We also offered a digital landing page that would update periodically as the guest added to their experience with new excursions, on-ship experiences, etc. They can access this landing page anytime and view their most updated information.


Oceania Cruises is a global luxury cruise line. They partnered with Sandy Alexander’s production and technology teams to rethink their personalized cruise vacation guide.




Sandy Alexander's dissected drop logo.


Sandy Alexander lowered overall costs by reducing the production time of kit components, which allowed for a more cost-effective shipping method. At the same time, we were able to elevate the aesthetics and the guest experience while staying within budget.


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